b'T erminologyA-W idThTip of the cutting edge to the back of the blade.B-B lAdeB odyDistance between the back of the blade and the gullet. erminologyC-l engThMeasurement along the back edge of the blade.d-T hiCknessT Measurement of the body of the blade.e-B ACke dgeOpposite side of the blade from the teeth.F-T ooThP iTChDistance from the tip of one tooth to the next tip.g-T eeTh Peri nCh /25mmNumber of teeth (constant pitch) per inch (25.4mm).h-g ulleTThe curved area between two teeth, where the chips accumulate until being removed.i-T ooThF ACeSurface of the tooth where the chip is formed. The tooth can have a positive, negative or straight angle. (Rake)J-T ooThs eTThe side bending of the teeth to allow blade clearance through the cut. k-B ACkA ngleAngle formed by the back of the teeth and a parallel line to the tip of the same.8'