b'R R esouRces and ecommendationsA CCessoriesP oCkeTl AserT AChomeTerk iTWiThC Asen o . s7793z Powerful tachometer with 32 functions for measurements with or without contact From 200.000 RPM (optical measurement) to 20.000 RPM Measurement with contact up to 20.000 RPM Measurement with contact 2.000 m/min.(linear speed) Different measurement units: RPM, cm, inches, feet, yards etcs AWT ensiong AgeF orB Ands AWB lAdesn o . 682emz Check for proper tension in either English or metric Graduated in kg/cm (0 to 4.000) and in pounds/in (0 to 60.000) Supplied in a case with instructions B Ands AWB lAdeA lignmenTg Agen o . PT92925This gage enables you to make sure your blade is running square to the cut.60'