b'B i -m eTAl i nTenss Pro-VThetal iF eATures Uniquely designed tooth edge with variable height and set -M B Positive rake, ground teethB eneFiTs Easy penetration for faster cuts Excellent heat and wear resistance Pulsating action allow the teeth to penetrate, resulting in faster cutsA PPliCATions Tool steel and high-speed steel Stainless steelsWidth x Thickness Aluminum bronze alloys in mm Pitch/Rake Material No. For machines with hydraulic feed control 2-3/IP-P-R 99948*1 x .035 27 x 0.90 3-4/IP-P-R 99949* Ideal for cutting all steels and non-ferrous metals up to 40 HRC 4-6/IP-P-R 99950*2-3/IP-P-R 999531-1/4 x .042 34 x 1.10 3-4/IP-P-R 999544-6/IP-P-R 999561-1/2 x .050 41 x 1.30 2-3/IP-P-R 999583-4/IP-P-R 999592 x .063 54 x 1.60 1-1.2/IP-P-R 999911.4-2/IP-P-R 999672-5/8 x .063 67 x 1.60 1.4-2/IP-P-R 999693.1/8 x .063 80 x 1.60 1.4-2/IP-P-R 99988IP - Intenss tooth profile | P - Positive rake | R - raker set*bi-metal unique Technology3/4" to 1-1/4" sizes available in 150\' (45m) and 250\' (75m) coils. 1-1/2" and 2" sizes available in 150\' (45m) coils.2-5/8" and 3-1/8" sizes available only in welded blades.All coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size.Furnished in welded bands for all widths, or in random coils for 3/4" to 2" widths. Special products on request.1. Patented process providing 170% more weld contact for superior teeth stripping resistance 2. Significantly reduced fracture and breakage3. Multi-edge cutting performance resulting in faster cuts and longer blade lifestarrett.com 19'