b'C hoosing TheC orreCTB lAdelade the hoosing2 TOOTH SHAPES B CContantVariablePrimalloy/Intenss PRO/Intenss PRO-DIE/Univerz Pitch PitchPositive Rake angle Double back angleIntenss .8-1.3 to Fast and efficient chip clearanceExcellent choice for a wide range of cuts14-18Intenss PRO-VTH Variable tooth height providing pulsating action1-1.2 to Easy penetrationIntenss PRO-VTH 4-6Idealforcuttinghardanddifficulttomachine materialsVersatix MP Extremely robust, shockproof 2-3 to 10-14Positive Rake angle Versatix MPIdeal for cutting tubes and profilesIntenss/Duratec SFB/Duratec FC/UniverzNeutral angle 6 to 32 2-3 to Shock resistantRegular 14-18Excellent choice for a wide range of cuts Suitable for all types of machinesDuratec SFB/Intenss PRO-DIE Positive Rake angle, extremely aggressive2 to 6 Faster cuts HookSuitable for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metalsDuratec SFB Neutral angle 3 to 6Shock resistantSkipSuitable for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metalsAdvanz MC7/Advanz MC5/Advanz TS/Advanz CS/Advanz FS Differential tooth design, accurately ground1 to 3 .9-1.1 to Triple chip tooth geometry Advanz FS and TS 3-4Faster cutsIdeal for cutting hard and difficult to machine materialsAdvanz CG/Advanz DG Cutting edge coated with grains, continuous or with gulletWith GULLET CONTINUOUSSuitable for cutting abrasive or hardened materials12'