b'rocessing ood P FF oodP roCessingm eATkuTTer s TAinlessmkss PeCiFiCATions Width x Thickness Stainless steel AISI 420 in mm Pitch/Rake Material No.5/8 x .018 16 x 0.46 4/HK-P-A 94321 Ground teeth 6/SK-S-A 94322HK - Hook tooth profile | P - Positive rake | A - Alternate set | S - Straight (zero) rakeF eATures SK - Skip tooth profileAvailable in 100\' (30m), 250\' (75m), 500\' (150m), random length coils and welded bands USDA approved All coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size.Special products on request Rust-proof Accurate, balanced, sharp and fast cutting action with less kerf loss per cut Laser-etched blade identification guarantees product quality and satisfactionm eATT yPes Fresh, frozen, bone-in and boneless Broilers and turkeys SeafoodA PPliCATions Suitable for kill/harvest and further process operations Fresh/Frozen and prepared foodMeatkutter 5/8 x .018"Stainless Steel 16 x 0.46mm X6 OP21221688starrett.com 47'