b'B i -m eTAl i nTenss ProA PPliCATions Ideal for production cutting across a wide range of metalsetal i F eATuresFor solids and thick wall tubes Complete line with a full range of widths and pitches to suit a -M Bvariety of cutting needsUnique tooth geometry provides intense production cutting in ferrous and non-ferrous metalsB eneFiTs Faster and straighter cuts Improved fatigue and wear resistanceWidth x Thicknessin mm Pitch/Rake Material No.3-4/IP-P-R 99191*3/4 x .035 19 x 0.90 4-6/IP-P-R 99902*5-8/IP-P-R 99903*6-10/IP-P-R 99206*2-3/IP-P-R 99905*3-4/IP-P-R 99906*1 x .035 27 x 0.90 4-6/IP-P-R 99907*5-8/IP-P-R 99908*6-10/IP-P-R 99318*1.4-2/IP-P-R 990962-3/IP-P-R 999121-1/4 x .042 34 x 1.10 3-4/IP-P-R 999134-6/IP-P-R 999145-8/IP-P-R 999156-10/IP-P-R 995001-1.2/IP-P-R 999171.4-2/IP-P-R 999211-1/2 x .050 41 x 1.30 2-3/IP-P-R 999233-4/IP-P-R 999244-6/IP-P-R 999265-8/IP-P-R 99927.8-1.3/IP-P-R 999281-1.2/IP-P-R 999292 x .063 54 x 1.60 1.4-2/IP-P-R 999312-3/IP-P-R 999323-4/IP-P-R 999334-6/IP-P-R 99962.8-1.3/IP-P-R 999341-1.2/IP-P-R 999372-5/8 x .063 67 x 1.60 1.4-2/IP-P-R 999412-3/IP-P-R 999653-4/IP-P-R 99938.8-1.3/IP-P-R 999423-1/8 x.063 80 x 1.60 1-1.2/IP-P-R 999431.4-2/IP-P-R 99947IP - Intenss tooth profile | P - Positive rake | R - Raker set*bi-metal unique Technology3/4" to 1-1/4" sizes available in 150\' (45m) and 250\' (75m) coils. 1-1/2" and 2" sizes available in 150\' (45m) coils.2-5/8" and 3-1/8" sizes available only in welded blades.All coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size.Furnished in welded bands for all widths, or in random coils for 3/4" to 2" widths. Special products on request.20'