b"F oodP roCessingm eATkuTTer F rozenB i -m eTAlmkBrocessing oods PeCiFiCATions Bi-metal high-speed steel band saw blade Hardened teeth and backF eATures P F Greater durability compared to conventional blades Fast, clean cuts Clean, accurate cuts with less wastem eATT yPes Frozen fish up to -76F (-60 C) Large fishA PPliCATions Suitable for meat packing, portioning and seafood processingWidth x Thicknessin mm Pitch/Rake Material No.1-1/4 x .035 34 x 0.90 3/HK-P-A 94380HK - Hook tooth profile | P - Positive rake | A - Alternate setAvailable in 100' (30m), 250' (75m), 500' (150m), random length coils and welded bandsAll coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size.Special products on request50"