b'u niVerzetal iF eATures A PPliCATions Split Chip Advantage TechnologyPortable machines-M B Multiple cutting edges-Multiple Edge PerformanceVertical machines with reduced wheel diameter Blade thickness: 0.020"Ideal for metal workshops, construction and hobbyistsB eneFiTsSteel, iron, aluminum Technology that allows faster cutting rates and increased blade life More cost-effective than conventional carbon steel blades Excellent fatigue, abrasion and shock resistanceFor contour cutsWidth x Thicknessin mm Pitch/Rake Material No.10/RG-S-R 9917114/RG-S-R 991791/2 x .020 13 x 0.50 18/RG-S-W 9918224/RG-S-W 9918410-14/RG-S-R 9918714-18/RG-S-W 99180RG - Regular tooth profile | S - Straight (Zero) rake | R - Raker set | W - Wavy set*bi-metal unique TechnologyAvailable in 100\' (30m) and 250\' (75m) coils.All coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size.Furnished in welded bands.Special products on request.starrett.com 25'