b'C ArBide Available withA dVAnz mC5 AMPTechnologyA PPliCATions Alloy tool steelsarbideF eATuresAerospace alloys Exclusive Starrett tooth geometryStainless steel Carbide tippedNickel alloys Ground tooth produces 5 chipsAutomotive aluminum casting blocks C Utilizes a multiple chip grind with a high/low tooth sequenceCast iron Positive rake angle Sub micron carbide (HV1600)B eneFiTs Width x Thickness Higher productivity through reduced cutting time in mm Pitch/Rake Material No.1-1/4 x .042 34 x 1.10 2-3/QC-P-T 92572 Precision cuts - superb surface finish 1.4-2/QC-P-T 925741-1/2 x .050 41 x 1.30 Excellent "cost per cut" for production cutting 2-3/QC-P-T 925861.4-2/QC-P-T 92577 Starrett exclusive edge preparation - minimizes micro chipping 2 x .063 54 x 1.60 2-3/QC-P-T 92580 The chip load is spread out over more teeth to facilitate longer life 3-1/8 x .063 80 x 1.60 1.4-2/QC-P-T 92585P - Positive rake | QC - Quintuple chip | T - Trapezoid setFurnished in welded bands.Special products on request.MC5 (Five Multiple Chips)n oWA VAilABle WiTh AMPn eW eChnology !AmP TThe new AMP technology available on Starrett band saw blades increases cutting efficiency and blade life. A custom back edge enhancement on the blade generates a rocking motion while cutting which results in an increase in tooth penetration without added feed pressure. This cutting motion also serves to minimize surface contact area, increasing the blade life on hard to cut alloys.starrett.com 29'