b'C hoosing TheC orreCTB lAdeT ooTherminologyConstant PitchAll teeth on the blade have uniform spacing, gullet depth and rake angle throughout the full length. Typically for general purpose cutting. Identified by one pitch number.TVariable PitchSize of tooth and depth of gullet varies to substantially reduce noise levels and vibrations. Cuts all structurals, tubing and solids smoothly and quickly. Identified by two pitch numbers.s eTsRakerA recurring sequence of teeth set left and right, followed by one tooth unset. Frequency of unset teeth on variable pitch blades varies depends on the tooth configurations.AlternateA recurring sequence of teeth set alternately left and right.WavyGroups of teeth set to each side of the blade, with varying amounts of set in a controlled pattern.TrapezoidSpecial carbide cylinder, welded to an alloy backer, then precision ground with a high/low tooth form.starrett.com 13'