b'NEW! s heetm etalm icrometers764.1 e lectronics heetm etalm icrometers f eatures ands pecifications( with output )Equipped with an RS232 output 0-1"/0-25MM - ideal for use with DataSure Wireless Data Collection System industry 4.0The newly deigned 764.1 micrometer reaches over the edge of sheet metal to take Starrett no-glare satin chrome measurements away from the edge toward the center. Also for gaging jobs where afinish on thimble and sleevedeep throat micrometer is needed. Rounded anvil gives a point of contact for more accurate gaging; flat anvil also available.Large, easy-to-read .275" (7mm) tall characters, high contrast LCD digital readouticroMetersThe balanced and tapered frame provides comfortable and accurate measuring and Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindlegives the right feel during use. Auto Off after 20 minutes of nonuse764.1 Electronic Sheet Metal Micrometer, 6" Throat Depth with Round or Flat AnvilInch/millimeter conversion on English versionsFriction Thimble, Spindle Lock, Shell and ThimbleSmooth friction thimble for uniform pressureInch Grads Metric GradsMeasurement HOLD buttonMCat. No. EDP Range Cat. No. EDP Range764.1AXFL 72814 0-1", Round Anvil 764.1MEAXFL 72816 0-25mm, Round AnvilZero at any position764.1BXFL 72815 0-1", Flat AnvilRetain and return to true zero readingCables and AccessoriesSpindle lockPart No. EDP Description795.1SCM 01124 Smart Cable to multiplexerData Output795.1SCKB 01125 USB Cable to PC (In focused window)Resolution: .00005" (0.001mm)795.1SCU 01126 Smart Cable with USB keyboard outputPT99492 65650 Two 3-Volt Batteries, CR2032Accuracy +/-.0001" (+/-0.002mm)Packed one in a box without casePRESET button to install any reading at any Flat anvil for Metric available upon request position Ability to set minimum and maximum limits6'