b'o utsidem icrometers796.1 e lectronicm icrometers( non output ) F eatures ands peciFications0-4"/0-100MMLarge, easy-to-read .275" The 796.1 Micrometer offering includes measuring ranges of 0-4"/0-100mm. All are(7mm) tall characters, high IP67 protected against coolant, water, chips, dirt, and dust. contrast LCD digital readoutStarrett no-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve796.1 Electronic Micrometers without Output / Friction ThimbleCat. No. EDP RangeBalanced and tapered frame 796.1XFL-1 01104 0-1"Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle icroMeters796.1XFL-2 01105 1-2"Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces796.1XFL-3 01106 2-3"796.1XFL-4 01107 3-4"Auto OFF after 20 minutes of nonuse796.1 Electronic Micrometers without Output / Ratchet ThimbleInch/millimeter conversion on English 796.1XRL-1 01116 0-1" versions796.1XRL-2 01117 1-2"M 796.1XRL-3 01118 2-3"Measurement HOLD button796.1XRL-4 01119 3-4"Zero at any position796.1MXRL-25 01120 0-25mm796.1MXRL-50 01121 25-50mmRetain and return to true zero reading796.1MXRL-75 01122 50-75mmResolution: .00005" (0.001mm)796.1MXRL-100 01123 75-100mm*All 796.1 Micrometers include a protective case.Accuracy: .0001" (0.002mm)*All except 1" & 25mm furnished with standards.796.1XFL-2796.1XFL-114'