b'e lectronici ndicators2700 b acKligHte lectronici ndicators F eatures( witH output )Equipped with an RS232 output The 2700 Backlight Electronic Indicators are offered in 1", 2" and 4" ranges. The- ideal for use with DataSure deep backlight color indicates tolerances to read the indicator at far distances, inWireless Data Collection System industry 4.0aGes and ndIcatorspoor lighting, and with limited operator experience. A CD drive is required to use the Backlight relates a reading to software. tolerance values G ISPC Cables USB, MTI, RS232Cat. No. EDP Range SPC Output Accuracy Resolution2700-800 72758 1" x () 2. Res. .0001"Inch/metric display 2700-801 72759 1" x () 2. Res. .000050"Analog visual display2700-802 72760 2" x () 2. Res. .0005"Travel reverse2700-803 72761 2" x () 2. Res. .0001"2700-804 72762 4" x () 2. Res. .0005"Maximum reading hold2700-805 72763 4" x () 2. Res. .0001"Display/freeze holdAccessories, Power Source, CablesPart No. EDP DescriptionSingle gage simple data collection includedPT60646 72592 Cable to SPC computer, not foot switchFloating zero2700SCKB 69891 USB Cable to PC (In focused window), all 2700 Series2700SCU 23956 USB Cable, all 2700 SeriesMinimum reading hold2700SCM 69896 SmartCable Gage MUX - all 2700 SeriesAbs./preset measuring modeBacks/Lever*T.I.R. with low and high storage recallPart No. EDP DescriptionPT26406 65886 Flat backLock combinationPT26407 65887 Offset lug backUSB/AC power cable includedPT26411 65891 Adjustable lug backPT26408 65888 Adjustable backSoftware includedPT26409 65889 Post-type backAC power sourcePT26410 65890 Screw bracket backPT26848 66293 Adjustable mounting bracket backPT26405 65885 Lifting lever*Other backs, styles and accessories also available by request.2700-8022700-8002700-80032'