b'e lectronicb oreg ages781 a ccu b ore e lectronicb oreg ages b oreg agem easuringt ips( witHo utput ) Whether to use a two-point or three-point contact .080"-8"/2-200MM measuring tool is usually a matter of preference, AccuBore is a high-quality, trigger-activated, two-point and three-pointindustry 4.0 but there are some differences.contact bore gaging system with extended range. Its convenient single-handA two-point contact rod-type inside micrometer is operation provides speed and control. Simply squeeze the trigger, insert the gageusually lighter, easier to handle, and more versatile into the bore and release the trigger for an instant reading from the large, easy-to- over long ranges from approximately 6-107" (150-read digital display. 2700mm).aGes oreWhat makes AccuBore superior to other gages are features like the mechanically- Anytwo-pointcontactmicrometer,regardless driven parallel anvils which extend simultaneously, establishing a more true alignmentof range, can probe a hole better to find the to the axis of the bore. This provides consistent pressure, resulting in more accurategeometry of that hole than a three-point contact. G Breadings than models with spring-driven contacts which are subject to pressureMost three-point contact tools have setting rings variations. toensureaccuracy.Ifyoudesireveryclose Speed and convenience are further enhanced by the repositionable AccuBore toleranceworkwithtwo-pointcontactinside indicator, which may be swiveled and rotated for left, right hand or even verticalmicrometers, it is recommended that they be set viewing. The gage also features a set of "Go/No-Go" lights in the readout displayto a ring gage or to an outside micrometer.that quickly indicates whether a bore measurement is within a preset tolerance. Athree-pointcontactmicrometerhasan F eatures advantage in that it can be seated in positionEquipped with an RS232 output - ideal for use with DataSure Wireless Datamore quickly than a two-point contact tool. Collection System Usually these tools can also be read to a finerWireless capability accuracy.Thethree-pointtoolwilltelltheSingle-hand operation with right- and left-hand viewing flexibility maximum true diameter that can enter the hole aLarge, easy-to-read display little faster than a two-point contact tool.Enhanced wear life with carbide-faced contactsavailable from 1/2" to 8" MicrometerheadsusedinthesetoolsareConvenient "Go/No-Go" tolerance indicator lights accurate to .0001" or 0.002mm, but overall accuracy on tools that add rods is dependent onTrue alignment with mechanically-driven parallel anvils good practice and technique. Resolution .00005" (0.001mm) Toensureaccuracy,thesepracticesshouldbeAccuracy of up to .00015" (0.004mm) followed: Push button inch/metric conversionAlways make sure that there are no specksPreset and preset recall of dirt between the clamping surfaces of theHold, max/min and zeroing capabilities rods and micrometer heads Blind bore measurement is standard for .50" (12.7mm) and aboveTighten all rods uniformly, not too tightly,Specialized heads available for thread, groove and other non-standardnot too loosely, but a fairly firm assembly measurements on requestAssembling long sections should be done vertically or, with support, horizontally Becausetemperaturecanaffectlong rods used in these tools, they should be assembledinthesameenvironmentin which they will be used781BXTZ-138starrett.com 37'