b'c arbonF iberc alipers5000, 5001 5002 c arbonF iberc alipers F eatures ands peciFicationsand0-40"Equipped with an RS232 output - ideal for useCarbon fiber construction significantly reduces weight,with DataSure Wireless Data Collection Systemimproving maneuverabilityCR2032 lithium battery included industry 4.0 Titanium coated stainless steel outside measurement jaws for Clamping screwlong life and superior flatnessProtective wooden case Coolant resistantResolution: .0005"/0.01mm Two preset modes, REF I and REF II, allow setting one mode to a5000and5002 o nlysetting master and a second to a zero settingmm/inch mode buttonalipers Full-featured, sophisticated electronics with RS232 outputOn/Off button Will also transmit to PC through cableHold feature will freeze the display when in REF I or REF II mode5001 o nlyC Mode and Set buttons Min/Max mode displays values referenced from the preset value of the REF mode the tool is in when entering MIN/MAX Tolerance mode to set upper and lower measurement tolerances Larger display with more information5002BZ-16/400 with PT06138 Step Contacts5002BZ-24/600 with PT06139 Conical Contacts5002BZ-40/1000 with PT06137 Disc Contacts16'