b'd eptHg ages3753b e lectronicd eptHg ages( witH output ) F eatures ands peciFications0-12"/0-300MMIP67 level of protection against coolant, The 3753B Electronic Depth Gage is a versatile, easy-to-use tool for measuringwater, dirt and dustdepth, slot width, small sections and other applications. Equipped with an RS232 output - ideal for use with DataSure Wireless Data 3753B Electronic Depth Gages Collection SystemCat. No. EDP DescriptionHardened, stainless steel bar for long 3753B-6/150 12690 0-6"/150mm Range, Depth Gage in Case lifeaGes epth3753B-8/200 12692 0-8"/200mm Range, Depth Gage in Case industry 4.03753B-12/300 12694 0-12"/300mm Range, Depth Gage in CaseRemovable hook attachment for Accessories for 3753B Electronic Depth Gages measurements from the edge of a work piece to the Part No. EDP Description inside or outside edge of slots, grooves, etc.G D3648-180 12261 180mm Base ExtensionLock to hold the slide in position3648-260 12262 260mm Base Extension3648-320 12263 320mm Base ExtensionFine adjustment thumb roll for precision PT63388 72517 Computer Interface Cable to PC (USB) measurementsPT99492 65650 Two 3-Volt Batteries, CR2032Large, easy to read LCD, .310" character height798SCKB 69889 USB Cable to PC (In focused window)798SCU 73321 Smart Cable USB for 798, 5004BInduction type linear encoder system798SCM 69894 To 7612 or 7613Patented non-contact RS232 data output CR2032 3-volt battery (1 year batter life under normal use) Inch/mm conversion Zero at any position Auto OFF after 30 minutes of nonuse without loss of position upon reactiviation Linear Accuracy: .0015" (0.03mm) Resolution: .0005" (0.010mm)3753B-6/1503753B-12/300starrett.com 29'