b'NEW! a nvilm icrometers714.1 e lectronici nterchangeablea nvilo utside f eatures ands pecificationsm icrometers( with output )Equipped with an RS232 output 0-24"/0-600MM - ideal for use with DataSure The newly designed 714.1 is very popular in machine or automotive repair shopsWireless Data Collection System industry 4.0and for all applications requiring a single micrometer with range greater than 1".Starrett no-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeveEach micrometer is equipped with a series of easily interchangeable anvils, thus Large, easy-to-read .275" (7mm) tall characters, providing the full range in steps of 1" or 25mm with a single micrometer. Suitablehigh contrast LCD digital readoutwrenches are furnished to make necessary adjustments.Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindleicroMetersThe balanced and tapered frame provides comfortable and accurate measuring and Auto Off after 20 minutes of nonusegives the right feel during use.Inch/millimeter conversion on English versions714.1 Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer Smooth friction thimble for uniform pressureM Friction Thimble, Spindle Lock, Shell and ThimbleMeasurement HOLD buttonInch Grads Metric GradsZero at any positionCat. No. EDP Range Cat. No. EDP Range714.1AAFLZ 72788 0-4" 714.1MEAAFLZ 72801 0-100mmRetain and return to true zero reading714.1AFLZ 72789 2-6" 714.1MEAFLZ 72802 50-150mmSpindle lock714.1BFLZ 72790 6-9" 714.1MEGFLZ 72803 150-300mmData Output714.1GFLZ 72794 6-12" 714.1MEDFLZ 72804 300-400mm714.1CFLZ 72795 9-12" 714.1MEEFLZ 72806 400-500mmResolution: .00005" (0.001mm)714.1DFLZ 72798 12-16" 714.1MEJFLZ 72807 500-600mmAccuracy +/-.0001" (+/-0.002mm)714.1EFLZ 72799 16-20"714.1JFLZ 72800 20-24"PRESET button to install any reading at any Cables and Accessories positionPart No. EDP DescriptionAbility to set minimum and maximum limits795.1SCM 01124 Smart Cable to multiplexer795.1SCKB 01125 USB Cable to PC (In focused window)795.1SCU 01126 Smart Cable with USB keyboard outputPT99492 65650 Two 3-Volt Batteries, CR2032Adjusting wrenches furnished with each tool.Micrometer furnished in protective case with 234 Standards.4'