b'e lectronicc alipers798 e lectronicc alipers F eatures0-12"/0-300MM IP67 level of protectionThe 798 Electronic Caliper features a large, easy-to-read, high contrast LCD Equipped with an RS232 output - ideal readout. It includes IP67 protection against coolants, water, chips, dust and dirtfor use with DataSure Wireless Data often found in machine shop environments. Its induction type linear encoderCollection Systemsystem and Inch/millimeter conversion makes this Starrett precision measuring Fine adjustment tool the right choice for any job.Hardened stainless steel measuring surfacesindustry 4.0798 Electronic CalipersCat. No. EDP Range DescriptionLarge, easy-to-read, high-contrast alipers798B-6/150 12521 Caliper with output LCD digital readout 798B-6/150 W/SLC 12522 0-6" (150mm) Caliper with outputInduction type linear encoder system 798BX-6/150 12782 Caliper with output798A-6/150 20798 Caliper without outputRS232 output C 798B-8/200 12523 Caliper with outputHeavy-duty bar and slide 798B-8/200 W/SLC 12524 0-8" (200mm) Caliper with output798A-8/200 20799 Caliper without outputSlide lock 798B-12/300 12525 Caliper with outputOne 3-volt battery for over one year of normal usage 798B-12/300 W/SLC 12526 0-12" (300mm) Caliper with outputIn/mm conversion 798A-12/300 20800 Caliper without outputSpecial Large Jaw for Brake CalipersZero at any position EC799AR-6/150 73602 0-6" (150mm) Caliper without ouputAuto off after 30 minutes of nonuseAccessories, Cables and Case Information for 798 Electronic CalipersCat. No. EDP DescriptionReactivation of display with no loss of position 798SCM 69894 Smart Cable to multiplexer798SCU 73321 Smart Cable to USB798SCKB 69889 USB Cable to PC (In focused window)PT26151 64440 Center distance attachmentPT22431 64640 Depth attachment Approximate Jaw Depths for 798 Electronic CalipersPT63388 72517 Computer interface cable to PC (USB) with driver CD 6" (150mm) 8" (200mm) 12" (300mm)PT63329-1 12733 Replacement non-contact computer interface cable to PC (USB) Outside 1-1/2" (38mm) 1-7/8" (47.6mm) 2-1/2" (63.5mm)PT99492 65650 Two 3-Volt batteries, CR2032 Inside 5/8" (16mm) 3/4" (19mm) 3/4" (19mm)723ZZ-6/722ZZ-6 57070 Deluxe padded case for 0-6" (150mm) calipers950 63878 Finished wood case for 0-8" (200mm) calipers946 56695 Finished wood case for 0-12" (300mm) calipers*Includes redemption card for Standard Letter of Certification (SLC).798B-6/150798B-12/300EC799AR-6/15020'