Allison Baker | Aug 05, 2019
The automatic batch testing approach saves time and increases efficiency, while freeing up the operator to attend to other jobs.


(August 5, 2019) – New to the Starrett force measurement line is testing technology for spring manufacturers: the Rotary Table Spring Force Tester.

The system is setup to test multiple springs in a single setup without the need for additional operator input as required if springs are tested one by one. The batch testing approach saves time and increases efficiency, while freeing up the operator to attend to other jobs. In the Rotary Tester System, twelve springs will be loaded and tested, and the Starrett Spring Testing System will provide a pass/ fail report on each spring. Detailed information on each spring is also available including free length, spring rate, and critical load and distance points. Different rotary table options are available to accommodate more or fewer springs in a single setup.

Rotary Table Spring Force Tester (1) - med

The Rotary Table Spring Testers solution features the Starrett FMS-1000-L3, a single-column force measurement system optimized for high-volume production and quality control testing. The FMS-1000-L3 frame has a 1000N (225lbf) testing capacity, ideal for tensile or compressive testing. The system includes the test frame, controller & software. The controller features a Windows operating system with high resolution color, multi-touch display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 port(s). The L2 Plus software features analysis tools to measure and display results on a single graph. Once this is complete, those results are automatically measured and placed on all of the test runs within a batch. Displays include full graphs, split graphs with data tables, or as a data table complete with statistical calculations or tolerance results.

In addition, Starrett offers new S1 Spring Test Systems providing high volume production testing of compression and extension springs. Starrett S1 Systems feature easy-to-use test templates that enable the user to create a test setup in seconds using one and two-point methods, with test targets being load or height-based. Also, Starrett S2 Spring Test Systems are ideal for high-volume production testing, quality control (including incoming inspection verification and validation) and research and design engineering.

Watch a video of the Rotary Table in action.