MTH-550 Manual Force Tester

MTH Manual Force Testers
Test Frame, Manual, Handwheel, 550 lbf

The MTH Manual Tester is a single column, manually-operated force tester. The MTH has a load measurement capacity of 550lbf (2500N, 250kgf) and can be used for compression or tensile testing. The mechanical advantage afforded by the MTH-550's precision, high-resolution worm gear design lets you test effortlessly. One rotation of the hand wheel positions the crosshead 0.03" (0.75mm). Total stroke for the MTH-550 is 4" (102mm). Force measurement is performed using a Starrett digital force gage. The MTH-550 is an ideal, affordable solution for spring testing. Fit the MTH-550 with a digital force gage and optional digital scale to determine spring rates, initial tension and more. The hand wheel may be positioned anywhere along the 30" (762mm) column, and with a 4" (102mm) throat, large samples can be accurately tested.

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  • Tension or Compression Testing
  • Excellent for Cost-Effective Spring Testing
  • Effortless Crosshead Movement
  • Precision Worm Gear Design
  • Excellent Position Resolution: Single Rotation for 0.03" (0.75mm)
  • 30" (762mm) Column Height, 15" (380mm) Working Area
  • Adjustable Gage Mounting


  • Capacity: 550lbf, 2500N, 250kg
  • Crosshead Travel: 4in, 102mm
  • Height: 31.44in, 798.5mm
  • Depth: 11in, 279.4mm
  • Width: 8in, 203.2mm
  • Throat Distance: 4in, 102mm



    MTH-550 Manual Tester User Manual (PKG08810-UMMTH550)
    L.S Starrett Company

    11 page user manual on the MTH-550 manual tester

    MTH Manual Force Tester Datasheet (Bulletin 1825)
    L.S Starrett Company

    Datasheet featuring specifications for the manual test frames for hand held force gages.

    L1 Force Measurement (Bulletin 1821)
    L.S Starrett Comppany

    A 24-page catalog containing complete product and part number information for all Starrett L1 Force Measurement Products

    L1 Force System User Manual (PKG08807- UML1)
    L.S Starrett Company

    56 page user manual on the L1 Force System

    Starrett L1 System Data Sheet
    L.S Starrett Company

    2 page datasheet on the L1 systems and their system compatibilities

    MTH-550 Manual Tester Quick Reference Guide (PKG08809-QRGMTH550
    L.S Starrett Company

    14 page user manual on the MTH-550

    Force and Material Testing - Grips and Accessories (Bulletin 1828)
    L.S Starrett Company

    140 page Catalog on Force Gage Grips and Accessories

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