D0005 5mm / 3/16" Diamond Tile Drill

Diamond Tile Drills
3/16" (5mm) Diamond Grit Tile Drill

High performance hole saws for drilling small diameter holes in many non-metallics. These Diamond edge hole saws are produced with a uniform coating of synthetic diamond grit bonded to a durable steel platform. This provides exceptional performance at high speeds and effective cutting action on brick, glass, ceramic tiles and stone. Diamond edge saws produce clean, accurate cuts and offer extended life well beyond that of conventional tools.

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  • Able to cut rapidly through porcelain, glass, ceramics, brick and stone, these hole saws are the ideal solution in the toughest of cutting situations
  • Small diameter hole saws are perfect for kitchen and bathroom installations
  • Smooth surface finish, ideal when cutting glass and porcelain
  • Drive Arbor and Drill not required as the Tile Drill is held directly in the Power Tool Chuck
  • Core slot improves ergonomic use through ease of core removal, as well as reduction in cutting temperature
  • Maximum Cutting Depth of 25mm (1")


  • Diameter (mm): 5
  • Diameter (in): 3/16"
  • Cutting Depth (mm): 25
  • Cutting Depth (in): 1"


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