3089Z-131-1424J Dial Bore Gage

3089 Dial Bore Gages
Dial Bore Gage, 1.4-2.4" Range, .0005" Graduations, Carbide Contacts, Protective Case

The Starrett 3089 Series Dial Bore Gage offers precision, a full compliment of features and excellent value. 1.4" - 2.4" Range; 6 Contacts.

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  • All anvils laser marked for easy selection
  • Gage chart for quick and easy anvil selection
  • Includes sturdy aluminium case with cutouts for gage and all accessories
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip insulating grip
  • Carbide contacts for extended wear


  • Range (in): 1.4 - 2.4"
  • Graduations (in): .0005"
  • Approximate Measuring Depth (in): 6"
  • Accuracy (in): .0005"


  • 3089-RS36B (73464)
    3089-RS36B Bore Gage Setter, 0-6" Range, w/ 36 pc B grade Gage Block Set


    3089 Bore Gage (Bulletin 383)

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