286 Drill & Steel Wire Gage, #61-80

286 Drill and Steel Wire Gage Hardened
Drill and Steel Wire Gage, .039-.0135" Range, Nos. 61-80, Steel

The Starrett 286 Drill and Steel Wire Gage is used for selecting the correct size of twist drills and steel drill rod in smaller sizes ranging from 61 to 80. For convenience, each hole is marked with the size number and the corresponding decimal equivalent. Like other Starrett gages, this tool is carefully tested for accuracy after hardening. This product includes an attractive satin finish, available in a small compact size, approximately 1/16" thick, 3/4" wide and 2" long.

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  • Made in America: Yes
  • Range (in): .039 - .0135"
  • Range (other): 61 - 80
  • Material: Steel

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