185 Tap & Drill Gage

185 Tap and Drill Gage
Tap and Drill Gage, .228-.040" Range, Nos. 1-60, Steel

The 185 Time Saver and Drill Gage provides correct sizing of a tap drill for any commonly sized machine screw tap in NF National Fine or NC National Coarse Thread Series. Nos. 1 to 60 and .228 to .040".

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  • Leaves the right amount of stock for approximately 65% full thread
  • Shows correct drill body size
  • 60 holes with number sizes and decimal equivalents
  • Black matte finish with information steel stamped on one side and white marked on the reverse side for quick, clear reading
  • Thoroughly tested for accuracy and hardening
  • Approximately 5/64" thick by 2-5/16" wide by 6-1/4" long


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Range (in): .228" - .040"
  • Range (other): Nos. 1 - 60
  • Material: Steel


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