b'M et l ogiX s oFtwareM X 100 & M X 200 F eaturesFOR OPTICAL COMPARATORSClean, simple and durable interface with large rubber buttons and intuitive operationThe Mx100 and Mx200 are shop-hardened digital readouts. A sealed rubber Graphics-rich display providing instant information on keypad and durable powder-coated enclosure provide lasting performance infeature form, tolerances, and measurement data on any environment from the shop floor to the Quality Control Lab. 7" color screen Coordinate display for X and Y linear axes and Q angular values for screen rotationoFtware Easy part alignment and datum functions Measure and tolerance these geometric features: point, line, angle, distance, radius, diameter As you measure, a part view is created in the feature sview. Constructions between features such as distances and bolt hole pattern can been done by simple selections from the part view. For repetitive part measurement, create a part program that will visually guide operators through part measurement Optical edge detection on Mx200 provides better throughput and removes operator subjectivityFour different report forms can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel, text files, or to an SPC program Mx-Series utilizes a customized Android operating systemMx200 Shown on HE400Fast, easy connection to printers and networks MxLink technology on the Mx200 model allows users to transfer measurement data instantly and wirelessly to a network WindowscomputerMetLogix M1 MetLogix M2Mounted to comparator arm x xColor graphics x x Mx200 shown on HD400Touch-screen operation x x MetLogix Mx100 MetLogix Mx200Operating system MLX Android Windows Mounted to comparator arm x xX-Y-Q (angle) measurements x x Color graphics x x2D geometry software with skew x x Touch-screen operation x xOptical edge detection optionx Operating system MLX Android MLX AndroidInterface Android Tablet 15" All-in-oneX-Y-Q (angle) measurements x xTouchscreen PC 2D geometry software with skewxMx100 Mx200 Optical edge detection optionxInterface MetLogix DRO MetLogix DRO MetLogix www.metlogix.comM X 100 & M X 200MetLogix control readouts provide a broad range of powerful, user-friendly functions on a compact, icon-based touchscreen interface in place of the traditional control. starrett.com 55'