b'oMparators ptical c otoV2 o pticalc oMparatort elecentricV ideoa dapterThe TOV2 telecentric lens and video camera can be interchanged with the fixed magnification lenses on Starrett Optical Comparators that utilize MetLogix M3 software. The TOV2 is available with a choice of 0.16x, 0.3x or 0.5x telecentric lenses as an option with new Starrett comparators and an easy-to-install field retrofit. F eatures ands peciFicationsM3 software display Interchangeable bayonet-style lens mount with choice of 3 telecentric lenses, a surface ring light and video camera to create a video measuring system Offers a choice of 0.16x, 0.3x, 0.5x or 1.0x telecentric magnification lenses (compatibility depends on model) Changeover between normal optical mode and TOV2 is easy and fast Lens locks into comparator body and is pre-alignedUtilizes MetLogix M3 video based measuring software and a touch-screen with PC for video display Maximizes existing investment to provide a low cost entry into video measurement technology Available for other makes of optical comparators, please call for more informationstarrett.com 47'