b'H orizontalF loors tanding o pticalc oMparatoroMparators pticalHF750Utilizing the same exemplary build standards as the HF600, the HF750 super capacity optical comparator delivers benefits from an even larger 30" (762mm) screen, setting a new standard for clarity and brightness. Ideal for use over a broad spectrum of industries and applications, the HF750 is designed and built to satisfy the requirements of measuring small to large work pieces with total precision, ruggedness, and efficiency. The geometric software measures diameter, radius, angle, line and point features, plus part skewing for faster setup. The HF750 isc o available with optical edge detection or video edge detection with advanced software and OV2 or TOV2 video camera options.F eatures ands peciFications o ptions 12" x 8" X-Y travel workstage (300 x 200mm)Six interchangeable lens magnifications including All metal construction with nickel plated stage tooling plate 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x 30" (762mm) diameter screen with precision cross lines and Optional 5x fixed or 5x interchangeable on a 3-lens turret overlay clips available by special order Motorized X and Y axes standardInterchangeable OV2 video camera system with Two-axis power drive via joystick and variable speed control for6.5:1 zoom lensfine adjustInterchangeable TOV2 telecentric video camera systems withProjection lens turret with three lens capacitychoice of 0.16x, 0.3x or 0.5x fixed magnification lenses(lenses not included)Extended Stage Travel: 20" (500mm) X-axis; 8" (200mm) Y-axis Turret mounted condenser system and yellow/green filter and Fully automatic CNC controlsprovision to mount further accessoriesAutomatic optical edge detection Stage Weight Capacity: 330lbs (150kg) (evenly distributed)Automatic video edge detection available only with OV2 andWorkstage capacity between centers 17.5" (440mm) TOV2 video camera systems Fully retractable duplex fiber optic surface illuminationSwing-away lamp house Halogen profile and surface illuminationExtensive line of accessories 20in (0.5m) resolution Heidenhain linear scales Screen driven rotary Q-axis with 1\' resolution HF750 Available with MetLogix tablet, M2 measuring software with touch screen and PC, or Mx-Series digital readout systems Complete with full canopy and curtainsUniversal Vee Block on Rotary BaseClicktheQRcodeto view the HF75040'