b'H orizontalB encH -t opo pticalc oMparatorHe400oMparators pticalThe most economical of our bench top comparators, the HE400 offers a 16" (400mm) diameter screen, 10" x 4" (250mm x 100mm) X-Y stage travel, LED lighting, choice of six bayonet-style fixed interchangeable lenses and Q-axis angular readout: all to improve capability and performance. These latest horizontal comparators are fitted with MetLogix M1, M2, or Mx-Series measuring software digital readout systems, making them simple to use, but having the power to satisfy the most complex measuring requirements. c o F eatures ands peciFications o ptions All metal constructionSix interchangeable fixed magnification lenses includingSingle bayonet-style lens mounting system 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x Collimating condenser with yellow/green filter and provision to Automatic fiber optic edge detectionmount further accessoriesCanopy and curtains- free standing design (see Pg. 51) Linear encoder (glass scale) with 1m on both X and Y axesPurpose built cabinet stand LED profile and surface illuminationExtensive line of accessories Fully retractable flexible duplex fiber optic surface illumination Digital protractor for accurate angle measurement 1\' resolution Available with MetLogix M1 tablet, M2 PC-based touch screen measuring software, Mx100 or Mx200 digital readout system 15.4lb (7kg) load capacity 18.75" x 4.74" (480mm x 120mm) precision workstage top plate with machined slot for easy fixturing 10" x 4" (254mm x 100mm) of XY stage travel 1-1/8" (8mm) focus travel Fine adjustment on all axes Quick release mechanism on the X-axisHE400Click the QR code to view the HE40032'