b'Vision Measurement SystemsVideo-based measurement systems combine high-resolution images, powerful intuitive software and precision mechanical platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results for a wide range of precision measurement applications. MVR 200/300 08 AVR 200/300/FOV 10AV350/450.12AVX14HDV 300/400.16HDV 500 CNC.18HVR 100.20Custom Vision Solutions.21KMR-FOV 0.14.26KMR 20027KMR.28Optical ComparatorsOptical comparators provide a time tested, cost effective solution for non-contact measurement. Optical comparators are used for an exceptionally wide range of dimensional measurement and inspection applications.HE400.32HB400.34 HD400.36HF60038HF75040VB300/400.42VF60044SoftwareStarrett offers multiple software and metrology readout solutions to meet the needs of Quality Departments, Engineering and Manufacturing alike.M1/M254Mx100/Mx200.55M356METROLOGY SYSTEMSstarrett.com 3'