b'KMr V ideoi nspections ysteMsKMR F eatures ands peciFicationsKMR video measurement and inspection systems are a family of fourMetlogix M3 software including Digital Comparator (DC)versatile and affordable inspection and vision metrology systems.Color digital video cameraThey are ideal for receiving inspection, quality assurance, training,PC with 24" touchscreen monitormanufacturing, assembly, research, and documentationwhereverLED ringlight and substage illuminationeasy setup and a range of magnifications are required. DependingScreen resolution 1920 x 1080ystems isionon the size of the parts to be measured, measurements can be allVideo edge detectionelectronic within the field of view, or be integrated with stage motionEquipped with 6.5:1 zoom lens or choice of for parts up to 8" (200mm). 0.14x, 0.3x, 0.5x, or 1.0x telecentric lens Auxiliary lens options of 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2x s Vfor use with 6.5:1 zoom option Our KMRsystems line provide high performance for low cost. These machines are simple to operate without compromising performance. With six models to choose from, we can customize to your specific needs. Call (949) 348-1213 for an exact quote. KMR-M3Click the QR code to view the KMR Series28'