b'ysteMs ision s Vapt r otarys tages : apt 60, 120, 200Starrett vision systems now have three rotary options- the APT 60, APT 120 and APT 200. These stages provide numerous benefits including increased radial load stability and moment load rating. In addition, the rotary stages are ideal for positioning small cylindrical parts such shafts, cutting tools and threaded parts.apt 60 F eatures apt120 F eatures apt 200 F eaturesAvailable on all CNC AV/AVR/HDVAvailable on the HDV 500 system Available on the HDV 500 systemsystems Provides significantly increasedProvides significantly increased Great for positioning small cylindricalmoment load rating of 10.8-poundmoment load rating of 40-pound foot parts (shafts, cutting tools, threadedfoot (14.7Nm) (55.2Nm)parts) Includes an axial load rating of 33.7Includes an axial load rating of Includes an axial load rating of 13pounds (150N) 67 pounds (300N)pounds (57.8N) and a radial load ratingIncludes a 3.82- inch (97 mm)Includes a 7-inch (182mm) diameter of 4.4 pounds (19.6N) diameter circular face circular faceIncludes a 2.25-inch (57mm) diameterMinimized runout (wobble) and radialMinimized runout (wobble) and radial circular face runout of 10 microns runout of 10 micronsProvides encoder resolution toOperates at a maximum speedOperates at a maximum speed0.001 degrees of 300 rpm of 300 rpmIncludes options for 1-inch (25mm) colletIncludes the option for 90-degreeIncludes the option for 90-degree set or a 1.57-inch (40mm) collet set: mounting bracket mounting bracketThe 1-inch (25mm) collet set holds parts up to 5/8-inches (16mm) in diameter APT60 APT120 APT 200The 1.57-inch (40mm) collet set holdsRotational Accuracy +5 arc minutes +30 arc seconds +30 arc secondsparts up to one inch in diameter Load Capacity, Axial13lbs (57.8N) 33.7lbs (150N) 67lbs (300N)Can be paired with a tailstock andFace Diameter 2.25" (57mm) 3.82" (97mm) 7" (182mm)live center for greatly increased radial Maximum Speed (RPM) 10 300 300load stabilityIncludes the option for 90-degree Runout (m) 10 (100 with collet set) 10 10mounting bracket Rotary Stage Weight 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg) 16lbs(7kg) 23lbs (10kg)starrett.com 25'