b'Precision, Quality,InnovationFor more than 140 years, the Starrett name has been associated with exceptional quality when it comes to optical, vision and multi-sensor metrology systems, force and material testing, laser measuring, granite tables, precision hand tools, gage blocks, saws and power tool accessories. These systems and products have been expertly crafted with the user in mind with a focus on accurate, reliable, and repeatable results that can be depended on for years to come. Starrett stands behind their commitment to excellence with expert technical assistance with all of our products in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. This catalog has been updated for 2020/2021 to feature the latest Starrett metrology solutions, their characteristics, and their applications. Starrett Kinemetric Engineering, Inc. an ISO9001:2015 Certified Companysee QR code (right) to view certification2'