b'ystems ision s VOperator Interface HDV500 OpticsFeature All-in-One PC with M3System Parameter Telecentric Lenses 6.5:1 Zoom LensDXF/FOV Software Optical magnification 0.11x 0.16x 0.24x 0.7x to 4.5x42" (1070cm) color graphic monitor and PCx Magnification on 42" monitor** 6.5x 9.3x 14.7x 41x* to 262x*(installed in main housing) 47" to 0.40" Integrated motion control unit x Field of view width 3.0" (76.5mm) 2.1" (53.8mm) 1.3" (34.7mm) (12mm to 10mm)Windows-based operating system (1080 pixels)x 0.46" to 0.072"Wi-Fi network connectivity x Field of view height 2.5" (64mm) 1.7" (45mm) 1.1 (29mm) (11.7mm to Video edge detection x 1.8mm)X-Y-Q (angle) measurements* x Working distance 9.0" (228mm) 6.3"(159mm) 6.0" (150mm) 5.5" (140mm)2D geometric constructs plus height x *Best fit software settingFOV measurements integrated with X-Y stage motion x **Note that screen magnification is variable based on setting in M3 softwareCAD file import and export x SpecificationsAutomatic comparison of measurements to CAD files** x Net Weight 1330lbs (600kg)Software developer MetLogix Shipping Weight 1400lbs (635kg)*X-Y-Z measurements only available when configured with 3-axis option. X-Y Travel 20" x 8" (500mm x 200mm)**Only available when equipped with M3 Digital Comparator module in FOV models. X-Y Accuracy E2 = 3.0 m + L/33HdV500 d iMensionsstarrett.com 19'