b'ystems ision s VHDV300/400 OpticsSystem Parameter Telecentric Lenses 6.5:1Zoom LensOptical magnification 0.14x 0.30x 0.50x 0.80x 1.0x 2.0x 4.0x 0.7x to 4.5xMagnification on 24" monitor 4.7x 10x 16.4x 27x 33x 69x 137x 58x to 363xField of view width 2.36" (60mm) 1.1" (28mm) 0.67" (17mm) 0.41" (10.5mm) 0.33" (8.4mm) 0.16" (4.2mm) 0.08" (2.1mm) 0.47" to 0.74"(12mm to 18.8mm)Field of view height 2.0" (51mm) 0.94" (24mm) 0.56" (14mm) 0.35" (8.9mm) 0.28" (7.1mm) 0.14" (3.7mm) 0.07" (1.8mm) 0.40" to 0.62"(10.1mm to 15.7mm)Working distance 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 3.5" (88mm)Specifications Operator InterfaceHDV300 HDV400 Feature All-in-One PC with M3 Net Weight 220lbs 230lbs DXF/FOV Software100kg 105kg 24" (60cm) color graphic touch-screen monitor and PC xShipping Weight 440lbs 440lbs Integrated motion control unit x200kg 200kg Windows-based operating system xX-Y Travel 12" x 6" 16" x 6" Wi-Fi network connectivity x300mm x 150mm 400mm x 150mm Video edge detection xX-Y Accuracy E2 = 3.0 m + L/33 E2 = 3.0 m + L/33 X-Y-Q (angle) measurements* x2D geometric constructs plus height xFOV measurements integrated with X-Y stage motion xCAD file import and export xAutomatic comparison of measurements to CAD files** xSoftware developer MetLogix*X-Y-Z measurements only available when configured with 3-axis option.**Only available when equipped with M3 Digital Comparator module in FOV models.HdV300 / HdV400 d iMensionsstarrett.com 17'