b'ystems ision s VDark Field Quadrant IlluminatorAV OpticsAVR-FOV Models Standard AVR ModelsOptical Parameters Telecentric Optics InterchangeableDedicated6.5:1Zoom Optics 12:1 Zoom OpticsOpticalmagnification on CCD 0.30x 0.50x 0.80x 1.0x 2.0x 4.0x 0.47x to 3.0x 0.4x to 4.7xTotal magnification on monitor 13x 22x 36x 45x 89x 178x 31x to 198x 26x to 310xField of view width 0.93" (24mm) 0.55" (14mm) 0.35" (8.9mm) 0.27" (7mm) 0.14" (3.5mm) 0.07" (1.8mm) 0.39" to 0.06"0.47" to 0.04" (10mm to1.6mm) (12mm to1 mm)Field of view height 0.76" (19mm) 0.45" (11mm) 0.29" (7.4mm) 0.22" (5.6mm) 0.12" (3mm) 0.06" (1.5mm) 0.32" to 0.05" 0.39" to 0.03" (8.1mm to 1.3mm) (10mm to 0.76mm)Working distance 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.3" (110mm) 3.47" (88mm) 3.47" (88mm)Camera CCD 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/3"Specifications Operator InterfaceAV350 AV450 Feature All-in-One PC with M3 409lbs 409lbs DXF/FOV SoftwareNet Weight 185kg 185kg 24" (60cm) color graphic touch-screen monitor and PC x1,300lbs 1,300lbs Integrated motion control unit xShipping Weight 591kg 591kg Windows-based operating system x100lbs 100lbs Wi-Fi network connectivity xCart Weight45kg 45kg Video edge detection x14" x 14" x 8" 18" x 14" x 8" X-Y-Z measurements* xX-Y-Z Travel* 350mm x 350mm x 200mm 450mm x 350mm x 200mm 2D geometric constructs plus height xX-Y Accuracy (m)** E2 = 2.5m + 5L/1000 E2 = 2.5m + 5L/1000 FOV measurements integrated with X-Y stage motion xZ Accuracy (m)** E1 = 2.5m + 5L/1000 E1 = 2.5m + 5L/1000 CAD file import and export x*Z value only applicable when configured with 3-axis option. Automatic comparison of measurements to CAD files** x**X-Y-Z specific accuracies are dependent on lens configuration setup.Software developer MetLogix*X-Y-Z measurements only available when configured with 3-axis option.aV350 / aV450d iMensions **Only available when equipped with M3 Digital Comparator module in FOV models.21" (537.6mm) 21" (531.8mm)14" (355.6mm)R2.866.07" (1678.2mm) (70.2mm) 72.1" (1831mm)47.7" (1210.5mm)36.4" (924.1mm) 57.5" (1460.7mm)starrett.com 13'