b"L1 s oFtware- s PrinGt eMPLatese conoMicaLd iGitaLs PrinGt estinG .Starrett L1 Software's spring templates represent our most basic digital testing solution for compression and extension springs.These systems are ideal for high-volume production testing and individuals lookingformoreconsistenttestingresultsovermanualtesting methods.Twotypesoftestmethodsaresuppliedforcompressionand extension springs.Easy-to-use test templates let you create your test setup in seconds.The small footprint make L1 systems ideal for lean manufacturing environments or in-situ production locations.With the L1 system, you can measure:oftwareSpring rateSpring constantFree length Testtemplatesmaketestsetupsimpleandfast.One-andtwo-point Solid Height methods may be used.Measure free length by selecting the combo button. Test targets may be load- or height-based.S Initial tensionMake use of tolerances to determine immediate Pass/fail results. View results graphically or in tabular formats.You can also print out custom reports and export data to Microsoft Excel or SPC software such as ProLinks QC CALC application.s oFtwareF eatures Use preconditioning options to exercise your spring prior to testing.You can scrag for a number of cycles or duration.You can also compress to a load set and hold for a duration. Single or dual limit tests may be used.You may specify a target load or target height/length to determine spring rate, spring constant, load and length at target limits, initial tension and measured free length. The Statistics View displays key statistical information for your batch including mean, range, standard deviations and tolerance results.48"