b'L xs oFtwareLx Software Product Comparisons and CapabilitiesTarget Applications L3 L2 Plus L1 DFCUse for Stress, Strain and Material Testing applications Use for Advanced Load, Distance and Force Analysis applicationsUse for Basic Load, Distance and Force Measurement applications Use for Advanced Extension and Compression Spring applicationsUse for Basic Extension and Compression Spring applications User InterfaceAll-In-On Computer Workstation, Windows OSTablet Computer, Windows OS Force Gage Software ApplicationsTest BuilderoftwareForce Quick Test Templates Spring Quick Test Templates Formula BuilderAutomation BuilderMeasurement MethodologySMeasure results using the graphMeasure results using a List of Value menuCreate Test Setups using Graphical Test Methods (No programming)Create Test Setups using Quick-Test Templates Test MethodsTensile Testing, Load, Distance, Break, RateCompression Testing, Load, Distance, Break, RateHold Testing, Load, Distance for Duration or Event Cyclic Testing for Duration, Count, Loop or Event Shear TestingFlexural TestingPeel TestingCoefficient of Friction TestingSpring Testing Measurement CapabilitiesMeasure Stress, Strain, Elongation, Strengths Measure Offset Yield Measure Modulus (Elastic, Chord, Tangent) Measure Strain and Elongation using Extensometer(s) (requires MMx testframes)Measure Energy, Work, ResilienceCreate Mathematical Expressions using Algebraic, Trigonometric and wLogarithmic functionsCreate Basic Expressions using Add, Subtract, Multiple and DividewUse Digital I/O w wUse Analog I/O (requires MMx test frames) w wUse Command and Conditional Logic w wMeasure Load, Distance, TimeMeasure Minimum and Maximum Measure AveragesMeasure Slopes and IntersectionsMeasure Peaks, Valleys, Counts, AveragesMeasure Break, RuptureMeasure Delta between results within a testMeasure results within multiple test runs simultaneously (multiview)Measure Spring Rate, Spring Constant, Free Length Reporting and Exporting DataPrint using standard reports, graph, batch, tolerance, statistics Export results/data in .csv for custom reporting Export results/data in .csv for integration with SPC software Include tolerances on any result = Standard = Optional = Requires Test Builder applicationw = Requires Automation Builder applicationstarrett.com 35'